Vehicle services

From van finding to window tinting, at canine cage craft we can accommodate all your needs.

Vehicle services

From van finding to window tinting, at canine cage craft we can accommodate all your needs.

Personalised to your needs

With over 30 years of mechanics under his belt, mike can repair, restore and modify virtually anything.

At Canine Cage Craft, we have a wide array of skills. Most of them come from the talented Mike Bunday who set up this company, and his 30 years as a mechanic. Mike has been under most vehicles you could think of. From cars to vans, tractors to golf caddies… there isn’t much out that Mike can’t repair.

Mike also modifies vehicles, so as part of any cage build, should you require some additional tweaking to your vehicle, you can trust Mike to do an outstanding job for you.

Some of our customers time their cage builds when their vehicle is due an MOT. Mike offers an MOT service and can sort out any niggles whilst he’s waiting for the cage paint to dry.

Product options for you

Because one size does not fit all

We offer a full range of product care for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for extra love and care to your vehicle while your cage is being fitted, or you just like the sound of using Canine Cage Craft Ltd for your vehicle needs, we’re here to help. We also offer a vehicle finding service if you need help sourcing the right van that’s safe for your and your pooch.

Full service and repair

We can fully repair and service your vehicle for you.

MOT test

We can run a full MOT test on your vehicle for you.

Window & body tinting

We can tint your window and your vehicle to the specification you like.

Have questions?

Tell us what you are looking for and what requirements you have and we can arrange a free, fast, fair & transparent quote.

Frequently asked questions

Below are a few questions we get asked regularly. If you have more questions you can contact us.


Can you repair my vehicle while you fit the dog cages?

We can indeed. We don’t want you to put you or your dogs safety at risk. That’s why we’re happy to check over your vehicle and let you know of any repairs that might need seeing to.

Will you deliver the van back to me if I'm unable to collect?

For a small fee to cover our costs we are more than happy to deliver your van back to you.

What areas in the UK do you cover?

Primarily we cover the East Midlands area but we have been known to send Mike Bunday on adventures across the South of England and through the Midlands. Mike is used to travelling as part of his old career fixing all types of transport vehicles (including lorries, cars, golf caddies and more) so if you are from further and beyond don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can pack him some sandwiches.

If you source a van for me will I be expected to go view it?

No, not unless you want to come too. We know that when customers hire us it’s because they want our specialist expertise. So we’re happy to go on your behalf and check the vehicle over.


Kevin Ashley


What a brilliant guy Mike is. He can build anything you want. I explained to him what we wanted and he also offered us some great advice. He is very easy to work with and explained everything to us so easily. The quality of the build is absolutely brilliant and the finish is perfect. The cages maximised every bit of space there was in the van. The dogs love the cages and find it very easy to get in and out of them. Everyone who has seen the cages has asked where we had them done. Highly recommended. If you are thinking about having dog cages fitted – this is the man for you! Many thanks Mike.

Elaine Ashley


Was really helpful love my cages. Gave me some great advise. Cages where ready as promised. Even made me some mats for my cab.

Kate Summers


We collected our transit custom at the weekend with the cages all fitted, and we are absolutely thrilled. The workmanship is second to none and your advise was ” spot on” with everything. The limo tinting to the windows is really effective and gives a classy finish. Thank you Mike, especially for going that”extra mile” and finishing on time even though you had a day without power. We would highly recommend your services to the most discerning of customers.

Sarah Campbell


Delayed review because wanted to properly use the cages and give a genuine review! What can I say, they are perfect! Just what I wanted, no rattling, dogs love having more space than before and using the jump board! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, in fact I already have!! Thank you!!

Sam Baldwin


It’s a work of art the photos don’t do it justice well done.

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